Wintech SDK4100

Wintech SDK4100
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The Wintech SDK4100 providers DLP Discovery users with a software and firmware control package capable of high speed binary (>10,000 fps) and grayscale image display. The SDK4100 also offers features common to many DLP applications, such as frame triggers and syncs, at a price roughly 30% less than the competing software packages. The SDK4100 will provide high speed 8-bit grayscale and Luminus Devices LED light source control in future revisions of the software. As an industry first, all future revision updates for your SDK are free.

The SDK4100 includes FPGA logic, API, Windows 7 64 bit drivers, and asample GUI to get your development started immediately. The SDK is compatible with both the low cost Wintech W4100 and the TI D4100 electronics and can be retrofitted to a previously purchased DLP kit. Wintech also offers the SDK4100 as an IP core, so that the software can be used in a production scenario.

The SDK4100 functions via the high speed memory controllers that provide high speed access to the onboard memory modules found  on the D4100 and W4100. Images  are preloaded  into  the  onboard  DDR2 memory  using  the  D4100/W4100 Cypress  USB  connector. These images are then pulled from memory and displayed on the DMD at user definable frame rates. The SDK includes a limited Sample GUI and custom user developed routines can be initiated using C++ or LabView programs.

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